It may sound like a cliche, but no project is too large or small. My clients range from owners of multi-million dollar showcase homes, to the first time homeowner looking to save a dollar and get great work, to Property Management Companies, and renters as well. I have also worked on numerous restaurants and commercial projects here in San Francisco.

The common denominator in all of our projects, regardless of size or complexity, is our commitment to service and to working cooperatively with the client to choose the best colors and products. Not only do we paint, we provide color consultations. Perhaps we can suggest some colors that you never would have come up with on your own, but that you will love living with for many years to come.


Another Philosophy of mine is paint management. I believe and have proven to myself and my clients, that to maintain their new investment, especially in an exterior setting, that the building be washed with cold water, soft scrub brushes, rags, and my own nontoxic and green (secret formula) solution. I only use power washers in limited situations, as they can do more harm than good, like destroying plaster cornices, medallions, and ruin wood as well

Secondly, repainting impact areas, like stairs, walkways, hand rails, and window sills, before the whole building needs to be painted again, stairs are walked on, and therefore, they should be done every few years with little prep, and that goes for sills and hard weather areas as well. It saves you money in the long run, and keeps the building looking fresh.