I use a plethora of stain products, from latex solids, to opaque oils, to transparent oils and acrylics. I can get old cedar shingles and redwood siding, clear stain decks, back to looking full of life and water repellant. Some of the best oil products are made right in Ukiah, California with products that are sustainably produced, nontoxic, no VOC (Volatile Organic Components), and are very strong. I also do wood brightening and cleaning if the surface needs it , prior to waterproofing/color treatment. Other products frequently used are not so friendly, such as Boiled Linseed Oil or Turpentine, yet even strong products like these are friendly, and they do not have to be re-applied as frequently, which is also greener in its own way.


We can re-stain previously varnished doors, bar tops, tables and re-coat with a rich gloss, or satin finish. Or if you like oiled or waxed looks, we can do that, too. If you have a new restaurant or bar, a front door, we can stain and coat using many different products to deepen and bring the wood to its full beauty and potential, IT WILL ALSO protect against weather, wine and beer glasses.


I offer cleaning and sealing solutions to exterior grade Travertine, Marble and Granite. Using cleaning solution, brushes, and power washing, we can bring back the stone finish to look almost new. Then after cleaning is achieved, we seal the pours using a variety of products, depending on the condition, and porosity of the stone.